The Royal Roots Dress tells the story. The story of royalty. If you look closely, you'll see strokes and lines of glimmered purple symbolizing the roots of royalty. This silk dress is a symbol of the lineage of royalty that we all have in our lives. The beautiful women we've looked up: be it our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, mentors, and friends. They have all played a part in the queens we are now. Each of these strokes represent each woman and the impact she has had on our lives and the tree of royal influence they have created for us, leading us into the paths of royalty we were destined for. This dress is all about the details: if you look at the shoulders you'll see an accent of feathers on each side symbolizing how the royalty that made us gave us the ability to soar. And who doesn't want feather wings on their dress? Show off your royalty wherever you go in our Royal Roots Dress.

The Royal Roots Dress

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